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Oh Well

I had the choice between going to the LUNAR.org model rocket launch at NASA this morning, or driving a long way to Livermore to buy curtains at a discount. The rocket launch was announced after I had made plans to buy curtains, and I've been to several and will go to several more, when it isn't so cold out. I looked on the curtains place's web site to check their hours, and then headed out there. When I arrived, there was a handwritten note on the door:

System upgrade? For a drapery outlet? WTF? And they couldn't have posted this on their web site?

Drove into downtown Livermore and found a nice little Thai place, Lemon Grass Thai, and did not notice until I'd ordered that they were playing Jesus music. They make really good Tod Mun (fish cakes) but ruined the effect by putting a knife on the plate. Pot See Hiew was a generous portion, but needed fish sauce and a bit more soy sauce. The Thai iced tea was also good, except the waitress asked if I wanted cream in it. Sweetened condensed milk is what is supposed to be in there automatically, one doesn't ask.

Went to the Livermore PO, just needed to mail the nastygram to the CPA and weigh an envelope with two calendars in it to find out what the postage would cost. The line in the PO was way long, so I lined up for the machine. They really need more than one in all the post offices. I was in line for 20 minutes.

Drove home, the traffic was insane, especially at the motocross raceway known as the 580/680 interchange.

Before my drive, I set up the Squeezebox software on the PC to add all my itunes info to its library, and when I got back it had finished. I spent half an hour or so of playing music on the wi-fi radio streaming from my PC. The PC turns on automatically every morning at 6:30, my alarm goes off at 7. The radio has a feature which lets me set which tune to wake up to from the library - strange non-feature is it does not allow me to wake up to an internet radio station.

Relaxed until about 7, when I was headed for another decision made a while ago. A director I like a lot told me more than a month ago he was producing a show consisting of musical numbers he wrote, and the cast included several of my friends. The show was in Saratoga, and it was well done, but it was all about Christmas, and there was a lot of heavy duty Jesus singing. There also were a number of satires about shopping and the commercial spirit, but they all mentioned Christmas. One attempt was made at a Hanukkah song,  but while it was quite beautiful musically, the lyrics were for a Sabbath theme, and did not work for Hanukkah. On the one hand, it was great to see some wonderfully talented singer/actors perform works by a local composer, there was too much Jesus in it for me. Had I known, I would have seen another local show instead.

Leaving the theater, I saw the Saratoga PO was right across the street. I should have brought my calendar envelope. Heck, I should have gone there after the show instead of wasting my time in line at Livermore.

So, back home, Scottrade sent me a letter complaining that I had not updated my new address on the parental trust account. I actually had done this two months ago, along with my own accounts. Went online, and the system refused to let me in to that account. It was a system thing, not a password thing. Boo, hiss. I was able to get into my other two accounts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some morning football
Afternoon photo shoot

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