Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Very Sleepy

Just a few words before heading to an early bed. Slept well last night but not enough.

Photo shoot from 1-4 at my favorite studio in Sunnyvale, with a beautiful young model who had lots and lots of poses, and just needs to pay more attention to when the flash goes off. She tended to change poses two or three times before the photographer hit the button. She looks stunning from the front and sides, not so much from the back. Nice complexion, frustrating eyes which changed from brown to green for no apparent reason. Mine do that too, but my green is a light green, hers is darker, and don't pop much.

Afterward, Petsmart for another $10 case of cat food, then the PO to drop off a pair of calendars and my utility bill.

Home, home-made mac'n'franks'n'cheese which made a HUGE mess when I poured an egg's worth of Best of the Egg into the hot water.

Watched the Chargers stomp the Ravens. Bad joke of the night - Baltimore has had a lot of problems with rivers this year. For those of you who don't get Baltimore news, they had massive flooding a couple of months ago - my sister had to move when a river near her apartment overflowed and filled her place with water - enough for it to be condemned the same day. And of course the San Diego QB is one Mr. Rivers. :-)

And now to bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Team meeting @ 10
MNF 49ers are playing

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