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Weird Dream Channel

I am driving back home from somewhere. I think it is somewhere I have never been IRL, but it's hard to tell because my field of view is limited to the lane of the road I am driving in, and the lane to my right. Coming up on my right, I see in my mirrors, is a huge urban assault vehicle. It may be a hummer or it may be as big as an APC. It is black, and has a massive black set of pipes in front for pushing other vehicles.

As it comes alongside me, the road changes from a freeway to a deeply rutted dirt road, it is the rainy season and the road is very muddy. The vehicle to my right is now off-road, and for some reason this makes me mad and I decide to overtake him. My brain knows that there is no way my Corolla can match this behemoth in these conditions, but I somehow manage to pass him.
Tags: dream weirdness

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