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At this morning's team meeting it was revealed that this week and next week will be have 4-day weekends. The boss encouraged us to take next week off, but I'm saving my PTO for Conflikt. And at least two of my cow-orkers will be in.

The overnight test I ran over the weekend passed, and tonight its sister test is running. The first one was for standard definition video, this one is for hi-def.

Lunch was at Mr. Chau's, just slumming.

Home after work, would have left half an hour earlier but my next door neighbor got to asking me various questions so I taught him how to say "I don't know" in Hebrew. I'm surprised he didn't already know it. The back story is our lab IT head is Israeli, and he has taught everyone how to say "shalom shalom" and "kol baseder".  And then we got to talking ab out how badly the King James Bible transliterated almost all the names in the Old Testament. Difficult to explain to a Buddhist who has no bible background.

Watched the 49ers play the first three quarters without a quarterback. Alex Smith finally woke up for the 4th quarter, and a couple of touchdowns made the score less embarrassing than usual. OTOH, the defense forced a lot of turnovers, and the Steelers' QB was too proud to take his inoperative ankle out of the game. His ego lost the game for them.

Both cats left over almost all of the canned food I put out for them this morning, and Domino barfed some up. Figures, after I bought another case of the stuff. I also bought a can each of two other flavors, so they got one of those tonight. Not much interest yet, but no more puke to clean up, so far. I am very glad I bought the high-powered carpet cleaner machine.

Finished John Scalzi's Fuzzy Planet. Worth used paperback price. A fine piece of writing, and a nicely twisty plot, but it needs to be made into a movie in order to solidify the characters. It was kind of like reading a play that way - we don't get any physical descriptions of the characters, and not much of the settings either. Except for one scene where he went into a lot of needless detail just to get the hero below one of the other characters in a way which would not otherwise have been feasible.

Started reading the Kindle version  Da Vinci's notebooks, but they put the massive footnotes in [ ] in line with the body text, making both unreadable. It was free, but still...

During halftime I learned the basics of Lightroom, but I'm not sure it does anything for me PhotoShop doesn't, except make batch changes to simple things easier.

Plans for tomorrow:

Process photo shoot photos

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