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Okay, it's a fairly normal temp for the last day of Fall. Solstice kicked in here at about 9:30 pm, to the first day of Winter is tomorrow. It hasn't rained much. By this time last year we were out of places to put the snow melt.

The cats did a thorough job on the Fancy Feast, partly because I cut the ration in half. So I gave them more this morning. Domino left a present in front of the piano sometime during the day, but it was much smaller than yesterday's barf fest. Still glad I bought the steamer with the rotary brushes. The vacuum did not get it all.

Work was light - I think I ran two tests in the morning, and spent a lot of time plucking cases from the database to do later. Lunch was at Popeye's because it was next to the UPS store, and I had to drop off the broken pocketwizard.

From there to Kaiser and the sleep test results. I left a long locked description of that, but in a nutshell, the two numbers they gave me were scary as Hell, so I took home a CPAP machine. I do not give it much hope. Maybe some day someone will design a light weight device which fits in the nose and does the job without wires, tubes or a Borg mask.

The session lasted more than an hour, I was expecting 15 minutes, but I made it back in time for my 1-on-1 with the boss, which was mostly about my test results and explaining the CPAP to him. And teasing him with the not-quite-released-in-America Nikon 85mm f/1.4 internal focus lens. Only $1699.99 MSRP. It really needs the D700 full frame camera to be the perfect portrait lens, for another 3 grand or so.

Home, my monthly supply of litterbox cartridges arrived, Amazon packed the two boxes with the cartridges inside two huge boxes with way too much shipping paper. I'll have to give them a FAIL on the web site for packaging. Petco does it right, they just slap a UPS sticker on the box, which doesn't need any extra protection.

I think I have time tonight to go through my Baycon photos to see if there are any of Paul Metz, whose birthday would have been today.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (we have a department meeting)
I thought about doing some minor shopping, but I can buy sponges and peanut butter online. Smucker's sugar-free strawberry preserves too - they have been disappearing from the grocery store shelves, at least the big jars.
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