Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Big Computer Project, Birthday Girl

Happy Satyrday. Last night I hooked up the new PC to the router, it took two hours of trial and error to get my two machines to file share with each other (Microsoft's Network Wizard is missing some required steps) but I have managed to squirt most of my files across. Over the next week or so I'll re-install all my software. Will probably do my taxes on the old machine. Or will I? Hmmm. No reason to - I haven't installed this year's Turbo Tax yet, and all my Quicken files are already across.

New machine is considerably faster, but that may change once I get it loaded.

Had a little scare - the new machine's CPU was giving a temperature alarm, and one of the fans was reporting it was intermittent. Went to Fry's to get a better CPU heat sink/fan but was able to bring the temps within range by adjusting the motherboard's "AI" program. I'll probably install the new heat sink anyway, since the cooler the better.

In an hour or so I'll head over the hill for my cousin Renee's birthday party. I guess we'll be watching basketball at a sports bar on Front Street.

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