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Not an exciting game, but maybe it'll pick up in the 2nd half.

Where was I?

O yeah, got to work a little before 10, on account of a lot of dawdling after a very sleep-filled night. Domino continued to guard the CPAP hose.

Very quick morning, at 11:30 the usual suspects rounded me up for lunch, we had to eat early on account of a 1 o'clock department meeting. Went to Carl's Jr because a couple of them had coupons. Am still trying to figure out what the Famous Star is famous for.

The meeting was a study in something, I'll have to think about what. Boss' boss, whom I shall call "BB" (not his real name or initials) is a likable guy, he is a Moto manager who was imposed on us from above as an afterthought and spends most of his time managing a group in Boston. I like him, he is trying to do well by us, and has a good sense of humor. But his job is to have us do what the corporate boneheads in Chicago want us to do, so...

He ought to be an excellent presenter. His English is almost native speaker. He's articulate. His PPT slides are only a little bit too busy, but they are usually easy to figure out quickly. The trouble is, he will put a slide up, explain it, and then ramble for 10 minutes. It took 40 minutes to present 4 very simple slides.

The main news is that there is no news. We're planning projects as if there is no Google acquisition Any Day Now. He ended with a discussion on our move. The one he said last time we were probably not going to make. Apparently the $$ people in Chicago, who really ought to have no say in the matter, keep flip-flopping on which will be cheapest - to pay rent on or little building or to move to the new place with the massive expense of building new labs and the down time of moving and the inevitable down time from poorly designed networks. He took a vote, only one of us was strongly in favor of moving. I don't care, though it would make my commute longer. Though it may be a light rail commute some of the time. I don't like the place we're in, the lab needs a total overhaul with a design by a real head end designer which Moto has access to, and it would be great to be in a new building with reliable vending machines and a cafeteria. But where we are is closer to more lunchtime places, Costco, and Caltrain.

After the meeting I got a series of tests done, but left at 5 when everyone else had already bailed.

Plans for tomorrow:
wash the car
give Pumpkin a bath
break down a lot of boxes and bring them to the recycle dumpster
Do some more Lightroom learning
No photo shoot - not enough people signed up.

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