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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?

I went to bed way early (thought I was coming down with something) and was up at about 4:30.  Decided to research the CPAP machine they gave me. Looking at the label, it is actually a BiPAP, one of the models which is supposed to allow setting a lower pressure for exhaling than inhaling. The wizards at Kaiser have disabled this feature in the device. Found the manual online, and there is also a "ramp" feature which allows the patient to push a button to reduce the air flow, which will gradually ramp up. I think they have also disabled this, but need to check.

Checked. It's enabled, but the machine is programmed to start at their lowest suggested setting. Tried the mask while standing and watching the display, and it does increase pressure when inhaling and decrease when exhaling. I think it just needs a bigger exhale portal.

Maybe this is more of a training FAIL than a machine FAIL.

I think I'll sleep on it.
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