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BiPAP and football

I thought I had figured out the secret to breathing through the CPAP machine, which is really a BiPAP machine, so I gave it another try last night. Once again Domino was very interested in the process, and guarded the air tube.

I almost fell asleep once, but relaxing led to opening my mouth, which led to hurricane force winds ripping from my nose through my sinuses and out my throat, which was irritating and almost painful. And after a while the rig itself started to become uncomfortable. I gave it an honest try with an open mind, but it's a FAIL for me. It is back in its case, and when I bring this training unit back next week I will not be picking up a permanent one. I am still interested in seeing a real-time read-out of the data from the sleep test. I looked at the data which the CPAP can display, but it's very basic, and for the short time I used the machine not at all helpful, except to know that the folks at Kaiser will see I tried it for a bit on two different nights.

It was not a restful night, I woke up a lot of times for no reason. Pumpkin pulled himself up onto the bed after I'd put the CPAP aside (it was funny, he came in on top of Domino who was curled up asleep by my shins). He apparently has forgiven me for the bath. He slept better than I did.

I'm worried about him, it's probably time for another vet visit - or at least a phone call. He is having a lot of trouble jumping. This afternoon when I motioned him to jump up onto the recliner, he just sat there judging the distance. He did the same with the sofa this afternoon. Both were jumps he made easily not long ago. He also walks like he is an old lady. Maybe he has caught my arthritis, too.

In other cat news, the ugly tomcat returned, I went outside with water-filled spray bottle, but he ran away too fast to do more than shoot in his direction. And he was back 5 minutes later.

Watched the Jests not beat the Giants. Turned off the Raiders game toward the end when it was clear they had lost, only to find out later they pulled off a win. The Seahawks-49ers game was upsetting because I root for both teams, and they both played like crap. Once again Alex Smith could not make the big plays, and once again they won by field goals. From the first play there was a lot of fisticuffs, and it was disgusting how the refs put up with constant dirty playing and unsportsmanlike conduct without throwing a flag. The game could have been changed significantly for the better if they had enforced the rules. They made a lot of bad calls, did not make a heck of a lot of calls that they should have. All in all, both teams lost, and so did the officials.

Somewhere in there I started a load in the dishwasher, and it was still cranking way after it should have finished. Took a look, and it got stuck just before the first wash cycle. I tried pushing the dial around, and unlocking/locking it, but it appears to be a broken widget - the one which opens the water valve. I called maintenance, and maybe they will fix it tomorrow or Monday.

No idea what's for dinner.

No plans for tomorrow. Probably watch the Bears-Packers game. Maybe see a movie. I'm guessing CHM is closed, otherwise I'd go bug johnnyeponymous
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