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Packed and Unbearable

The Bears did their 49ers imitation tonight against the Packers. They basically crushed Green Bay in every statistic except touchdowns. I get very tired of hearing the announcers say that a team must establish a running game in order to win, when it doesn't take a rocket scientist (thought I suppose being one would help) to know that a football travels farther and faster in the air than it does being carried by a runner. And a runner who is not carrying a ball can run faster than someone who is. Partly because no one is trying to tackle him.

So Chicago lost by a lot of points.
Just as the game was starting I was boiling up some hot dog slices, had the timer set for 10 minutes. At about 7 minutes the smoke alarms in the bedroom and kitchen went off. The water had overflowed, which is normal, but there was some crud in the aluminum reflector which must have had oil in it, because it produced some smoke. Not much, though. I had to open the patio door and one of the windows to clear it enough for the alarms to quiet down, and hauled a ladder to each to push the reset button, which turned them completely off. I moved the pot to a clean burner, but as soon as it started to boil one of the alarms went off again till I hit its button again. That was way too much noise for a non-fire. The C02 detector by the door tried to sound off too, but I gave it my best evil eye and it reconsidered.

I did three important chores today:
1. Flattened the pile of cardboard boxes in the livingroom, put them on a dolly and wheeled them to the dumpster/recycle area.
2. Cleared up the clutter which was three or four clumps of things which had come out of kitchen boxes during the move which did not belong in the kitchen. It is now one foot bath tub with lots of little stuff inside to be sorted later, and one big lazy Susan went into one of the kitchen cupboards while the other three are in the closet.
3. Changed the litterboxes and slid the used ones down the garbage chute

The dishwasher is well and truly broken. I opened it up to remove the dirty dishes, etc. and put them in  the sink, and noticed the base was filled with water. Floating in front were two pieces of something rubbery or plastic which used to be one piece. Probably the thing which seats the water hose inside the machine. Hopefully, maintenance will be here tomorrow to fix it/look at it/replace it/whatever. For what the apartment costs, it sure has crappy appliances.

Did the paperwork and printed & stamped the envelope to get my $25 rebate for the new PocketWizard.

Thinking about selling my used 28-200mm Nikkor lens. People on eBay are paying $150+ for those. I don't use it anymore, since it is not as fast as the 18-200mm VR lens I have been using, which cost major pieces of my anatomy.

Figured out the transparent watermark routine on Photoshop.

Did I post this yet? Work-safe photos of Lilly from the last shoot are on flickr:

click on the photo to see the set.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pet Club, donate cans of cat food which my felines did not appreciate. But some more Fancy Feast.
Nail salon, drop off a 2012 calendar with my manicurist
Minor groc shopping
BASFA? MNF? Guess.
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