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Shop Till You Stop

Just as I was getting ready to leave this morning, the maintenance guy showed up to fix the dishwasher. The two broken pieces turned out to not be broken at all, they are the door gaskets which keeps the water from leaking out of the machine. The reason the kitchen was flooded and the washer would not work is those have to be in place to form a seal  for the pump to work with. He shoved those back into place, ran the unit through the dry cycle to pump the water out, then ran it though the short wash cycle to be sure. He dried the floor with a big towel he had on his cart, and left some dirty boot prints on the carpet, but that's what I bought the steamer for. After he left I filled up the machine again and started a load washing.

Also started a load in the clothes washer. Synchronicity.

It was quite the circuit today. Went to the nail salon to give my manicurist a calendar, but they were closed. Then to Pet Club, where I dropped off 22 cans of cat food in one of the donation bins. This took a while because those are inside the exit, so I had to wait for someone to leave. Then back around the entrance, grab a cart, and head for the Fancy Feast row. The idea was I expected to go to Petco, where they had it on sale 20 for $11, but Pet Club not only had them on sale for 45¢ a can (20 for  $9, a case of 24 for $10.80), they had many more varieties of the Classic line. Classic is good for diabetic cats, it has no wheat or rice filler. So I bought four cases. And since I was there, I also got a pet step unit, which I hope Pumpkin will use for getting onto the bed. I will probably have to train him.

Almost went to Costco next door, but decided there was not enough I needed from there to warrant the half-hour wait to pay. Instead, went to the Verizon store to have them check out my phone, which keeps losing the 4G signal when it goes on standby, and not finding it when the phone is woken up. After checking that everything in the phone is set up right, he told me all the 4G phones do this. 4G is not ready for prime time. Not something I wanted to hear, but not a surprise considering how much marketing plays a part in the industry.

A couple of doors down was Office Something, which did not sell paper shipping tape.

A couple of blocks away it was BB&B, which does not sell the simple, inexpensive plastic snap-on shower curtain rings, so I bought a set of simple brass snap-on shower curtain rings. They did not have any shower curtains which had weighted hems. They did have a couple of liners which did, but those won't work for me. They had a couple of curtains/liners which had magnets on the hems, but my bathtub is plastic. Across the way I picked up a set of drapery pins, which I'll try to use to hang the curtain over the bedroom door. They had a couple of lines of curtains which were heavy enough to block out sunlight and insulate, but they only had them in half panels (54") and when I asked the Nice Lady, she had never heard of 100", which are very common for patio windows. She suggested overlapping the centers, but that meant no coverage on the sides. I did manage to find a nice soft allergy-proof pillow for a reasonable price. Bought one, if it is good I'll buy another online.

Up to the El Camino. which was going to be my last stop - Safeway, spent $100 on stuff which was on my list, mostly - a lot of it frozen. Which reminded me I could use a bag of frozen pyroshki or maybe it's pirogi, and World Market was on the way to the freeway. Did that, then looked at my list and I had not gotten sponges. I knew there was something I forgot at Safeway. OSH was on the way to the freeway, so I stopped in there and got sponges, and a new stove heater element for the small one which was defective when I moved in but I kept forgetting to report it, and a large reflector to replace the one which burst into flames yesterday.

TMI about stuff at Safeway:
The store I went to has stopped carrying Vlasic kosher dills. That spot is now taken up by Safeway brand and Mount of Olives kosher dills. Mount of Olives brand I don't like at all. Safeway brand is half the price of Vlasic, so I was tempted. But I bought Vlasic original style - which don't quite taste the same as kosher - no garlic. The way they hid the large jars of Smuckers sugar-free strawberry preserves is disgusting. They have the small jars at 40¢ an ounce all the way to the left of the preserves, second row from the top, eye level. The medium jars were two rows below that, at 34¢ an ounce. All the way to the right, on the bottom row, were the large jars at 20¢ an ounce.

Home, it only took two trips from the car to unload everything. Watched the end of the Independence Bowl, Mizzou clobbered NorLina. Apparently the winner received a temporary trophy because in the parade earlier, the Missouri mascot dropped the real one and it shattered. 

While that was on I put stuff away, the two extra stops after buying the fudgesicles meant they would need half an hour to re-solidify. They were not melting much, just enough for the sticks to slide out. Took out the stove pieces, and they are the wrong ones. Easy enough to return and get the right ones tomorrow.

All during my shopping spree I felt my throat getting itchy and I was starting to feel a cold coming on. So I stuck with my plan to stay home and watch Monday Night Football, and not go to BASFA and spread germs. Self-medicated with home made chicken soup for dinner, orange flavored Crystal Lite, chicken bullion and the last shot of Irish cream in the bottle in the fridge. At Safeway I checked out the Southern Comfort, but they only had the 70 proof, not the proper medicinal 100 proof. I thought about going across the street to Bevmo, but just wanted to get home at that point.

The ball game was excellent if you're not an Atlanta fan. Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's long-standing single-season passing record with a touchdown near the end of the 4th quarter. And he has one regular season and at least one playoff game to go.

Plans for tomorrow:
OSH - exchange stove stuff
Drug store - alcohol swabs
Check out Starbucks, to see if they have stopped playing Jesus music
watch whatever bowl game is on
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