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Because I have been fighting a cold all day. A mild one, scratchy throat, occasional sniffles, but mostly just feeling tired. Got to work just after 8, cranked out a lot of test cases on a machine borrowed from one of the vacationing cow-workers which is set up for encryption. Ran into a major bottleneck when the tests started requiring access to the encryption server, which I don't have.

Four of my team who had wished me happy new year on Thursday because they were taking the week off showed up and worked a full day.

I had left the house with no change and only $5 bills, so my usual cup-o-soup breakfast from the machine was replaced by tea. Lots of tea all day.

Lunchtime, neighbor and I went to the CU so I could get change  and then had lunch at a nearby Thai place. Yummy food, huge portions, $11 each w/tip.

Phoned Half Price Drapes and no, my internet order did not get processed, so I ordered online. 100" wide Thai silk "cayene" color drapes with blackout liner. About $100 more than the JC Penney "on sale" translucent drapes that are up now. It's a special order, I won't see it for a month.

Worked till 5, then went to Halted Specialties to score some opto-isolator chips for my brother in law. He wanted 10, they only had 9, and asked to keep on in stock, so I bought 8. 20 years ago these went for about $5 per thousand, this lot cost $20. Brother in law is in Israel, where electronics is still in the previous century. Usually I can find stuff for him at surplus stores online, but not this time.

From there to OSH to return the two stove parts and buy the right ones.

Home, the more expensive of the right parts did not fit. Boo, hiss.

Made a light dinner, watched the Belk Bowl (NC State vs Louisville). Entertaining game. Horrible officiating affected both sides pretty evenly.

Tried to train Pumpkin to walk up the pet steps to the bed, using his favorite treats. He would not put his hind legs on the thing, instead he tried to swipe the treat off the top step. Domino learned how to climb the steps in about 20 seconds. Pumpkin is not as smart, but he also has something seriously wrong with his hind legs/pelvis. I think he should be able to do this, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, return CPAP machine
More work

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