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Is it still Saturday?

Been off LJ since Friday afternoon when a nasty bug thrashed my lungs and sinuses. It kicked in Thursday, but I thought I was well enough to work Friday. Started Friday at the Toyota dealership having them deal with the "Maint Reqrd" light. Turned out the Jiffy Lube cretins forgot to reset the counter when they changed the oil last week. While it was @ dealer I had them do the 40k check-up and rotate the tires. That took an hour and a half.

Worked till about 2:30, did not go to lunch with the gang because the cold was probably contagious by then.

DayQuil helped some, Afrin helped some more. I had clam chowder and home made chicken soup and chicken bullion and mint tea handy, went to bed at about 7 or so, woke up every 90 minutes. Racking cough, ribs hurt. At about 4 am I gave up, made some more bullion, sat in the recliner and watched a few Tivoed episodes of Pawn Stars. Some people call these programs "guilty pleasures" but to me there is nothing to feel guilty about, and it's not a pleasure as much as an interest. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this program is it is set in a small Las Vegas pawn shop, but people keep bringing in museum quality items to sell (not pawn). Before the show became popular, the items were things like watches, rings, guns, posters, old toys and coins. Lately they have been very high end things like tricked out dune buggies, civil war canons, gallery quality rare prints, even a private jet. And when they started, the bargaining was in good faith, but now the owner has taken to offering 10% or so of what he'd get reselling an item, and far too few sellers are walking away. As if he's the only game in town.  Still worth watching, but it's becoming borderline.

Back to bed at 6 or so, hit by serial gasping/coughing. Remembered there was codeine cough syrup in the medicine cabinet. Took a teaspoon of that, and in 15 minutes I was no longer fighting for breath and in half an hour I was waking up and it was 10 am. 

Watched bowl games from bed and the recliner, a lot of times with my eyes closed because they were irritated. But I have eye drops by the bed and by the recliner, which helped when I remembered to use them.

Had a banana for breakfast - this bug has not attacked my tummy - and rotated between orange flavored Crystal Lite, peppermint tea, water and bullion. A fudgesicle helped too. Tried not to take drugs, I think I had one dose of DayQuil and two shots of Afrin all day and no more codeine. Oh, and a couple of Anacin.

Haven't had any drugs in 4 hours, sinuses are mostly clear, not coughing unless I inhale deeply. Mild fever. Will codeine myself before I go to bed, and see what happens tomorrow. Good thing Monday is a day off.

Missed two parties Friday and one or two today.

Somewhere this afternoon I remembered I had the makings for pigs 'n' blankets, my traditional NYE snack. Those are baked, but they turned out a little thin so I have them in a bamboo steamer. I don't expect to stay up till midnight but one never knows.

Thanks to the cold I am out of egg nog and ice cream. :-(

And I did not go to the nails place to deliver a calendar. And the garbage has not been taken out or today's mailbox checked. All in good time. I have plenty of Kleenex, thanks to Costco.

Domino has been annoyingly attentive. not exactly affectionate, she still ducks when I try to pet her, but she has been jumping up on my lap and commandeering the recliner arm, and if I'm in bed she will be there too, curled up just out of reach. A couple of times she jumped up on my chest, turned around and wagged her tail in my face. Pumpkin has been staying in sight, but he's only been on my lap once.

Plans for tomorrow depends entirely on how I feel. Probably will watch football. May take out the garbage & check the mail. That requires getting dressed, so who knows.

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