Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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I am on the Coast Starlight northbound. We are stopped between stations for no apparent reason. One of the crew is in our car, telling us he has no idea why we are stopped or when we will be getting going again. He's in a jovial mood. He has been chatting, asking people where they are going and what their plans are. I tell him I am going to Seattle. He says I missed the stop - but I can get off in Lynwood**, and catch a ride back. He points out the window, and there is Lynwood not far away. I ask if I could walk it from here, but he says they can't let me off between stations.

I'm in a panic, and get my pack out of the overhead and start shoving my stuff into it. My paper note pad falls out of the front pocket, and I remember I have my itinerary pasted in it. And I see that there's no reason to panic, I have an overnight stop in Seattle before I need to get to the airport.

IRL Seattle is the last stop for the Coast Starlight, and  **Lynwood is on the other side of Lake Washington from the city, Amtrak has no service there.  Also, what was pointed to as Lynwood was a much larger city. It looked a lot like NE Portland, near Lloyd Center.
Tags: dream weirdness, trains

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