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Superbowl Musings

I'm from Seattle. I was happy just to see the most beautiful NFL logo finally make an appearance at a Superbowl. Both teams had fought hard to be there, and for the first time in years both teams deserved to be there.

I am disappointed the Seahawks did not win, but I am more disappointed with two reasons beyond their control which contributed to the loss:

1. Unfair ticket distribution.
It was obvious from the start of the pre-game festivities that the stadium was packed with Steelers fans. This was not the balanced audience which the NFL promises. Seattle fans are the loudest on the planet, they would have rocked that place had they been allowed in.

2. Bad calls by the officials at crucial moments, only against Seattle.
The touchdown which wasn't. The holding which didn't happen which called back a pass from the red zone.

The Hawks still might have lost, but it would have been a close game, with a much more exciting ending.

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