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To Sleep

I had no idea I could stay up that late. Despite the codeine and expectorant, I could not get to sleep in bed with the noises my upper respiratory system was making. The percussive coughing did not help, and that stitch in my side felt like I was being shot each time I coughed.

Back to the recliner, 2 am, made a cup of bullion, turned on the TV and looked at my Tivo programs. I still had 7 of the Twilight Zone marathon episodes. How appropriate.

The first one I chose was Nick of Time, about a pair of newlyweds stuck by a broken fuel pump in a small Ohio town on their way to NYC. The superstitious husband becomes addicted a penny fortune-telling machine they find in a local café. The actor playing the husband looked like the standard 20-something clean-cut young executive of the 60's, and I kept thinking Dick York or Dick Sargent, but it couldn't be William Shattner because this guy can act, and delivers his lines flawlessly. When the credits came on, it was Shattner.

Next up I chose because Art Carney was listed in the credits. I have always been a fan of his. He was woefully underrated being stuck forever on TV as the sidekick on The Honeymooners. Night of the Meek has him playing a falling-down drunk department store Santa, fired on Christmas Eve, who finds a magical bag of gifts. John Fiedler is perfect as the department store manager. There is some excellent writing, some of it a bit too fine to be delivered by a drunk. Carney does a great job of delivering those lines as someone who may not be able to walk a straight line, but can still talk one.

I was hoping my favorite episode of all time, A Penny for Your Thoughts, would be on the list but it did not get recorded.

Finally there was Roddy McDowell in People Are Alike All Over. He's a biologist on the first mission to Mars. He survives the crash, the pilot does not. He is greeted by human-looking Martians. This one was not up to the other two in writing and the punch line is one of the oldest in Science Fiction. McDowell is out of his comfort zone playing a meek, cowardly character.

I think I also finished watching the two episodes of Pawn Stars that were on there. Finally decided to take some more codeine and got to bed at 4:30. It almost worked. Did sleep once for half an hour.

Basically pulled an all-nighter, then. Tried to have a somewhat normal day. Took my usual meds plus the antibiotic at 7, made an omelet for breakfast, drank lots of water & bullion. The doctor had suggested inhaling steam for 5 minutes at a time, I did that a couple of times and it seemed to help a little. At about 2 I started to fade, went back to bed and was back and forth between there and the recliner. Actually slept for an hour at a time twice. Also managed to get my PC on the corporate network and remote desktop to my work PC.

I think the antibiotics are working, the symptoms are less severe now, I was able to do two loads of laundry, and the stitch in my side is not stiff anymore. Still hurts when I cough.

Made a bowl of large elbow macaroni & margarine for dinner, strawberry Newtons for dessert. And a Ding Dong.

I'll see how it goes tonight. I may be well enough to work from home tomorrow.  
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