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Back To Work, Slacker

Except for my side hurting like hell every time I coughed and not being able to talk without coughing, it was a pretty good day at work. My job does not require any talking, just listening and observing. I was able to crank out several tests at the same time this morning, but afternoon took a lot more setup.
At lunchtime I  went to Rite Aide and bought some Sucrets and a a vaporizer, then went to a buffet for food so I would not have to use my voice to order.

Had a 1-on-1 with the boss, who had gone through this same virus about a month ago, so he did the talking and I mostly listened. If I breathed shallowly, I could speak some without hurting myself.

Finished the day at 5, after setting up an overnight test.

Home, had a buncha chores:
- Collect all the garbage bags, put them on a cart and haul them out to the refuse chute.
- Replace all the garbage bags
- Set up the vaporizer
- Put on the kettle
- feed the cats
- feed myself

Watched bits of the Amour high school All-American game, which was way better than the one the Marines sponsored last week. Lots of amazing talent there.

Scanned in about 50 photos from a play I was in in 1992. None of me, just photos I took during makeup and at a couple of cast parties. I am still in touch with several of the cast. Posted them on FB, mostly for the theater group's page there. One of my favorites:

Live fire breathing show on the theater stage after strike. The fireman is my best buddy Jeremy. We also did Hitchhiker's Guide at that theater.

And a nice portrait:

The cold is mostly behaving itself, one crucial thing which the doctor left out was nasal decongestant. I have some high-test stuff my regular doctor gave me during allergy season which is working okay.

Got a cute phone pic of Domino:

Plans for tomorrow:
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