Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Morning Farm Report

In the 50's if you turned on the TV at 4 am (we got channels 2,4 and 7) you'd be watching the Morning Farm Report. There were still a lot of big farms in the NYC broadcast market area. I think now it works like this:

7 am Morning Show
6 am Early morning show
5 am Effing early morning show
4 am infomercial for Ronco ear and nose hair trimmer
The woozy effects of the drugs (taken at midnight) seem to have worn off. The cough is still there but it is less frequent and less urgent. My side still hurts when I cough, but I'm able to sleep on either side now.

Domino continues to curl up close enough for me to pet her. Pumpkin continues to sprawl across the couch, and yells at me when I pass by.

Note to self: Jasmine tea, even with 2 tsp honey, is too sharp, too rough.  I wish I had some of the Chengdu jasmine tea left, that's a lot smoother and smells wonderful.

For now, back to mint.

BTW, I'm not up because I can't sleep. I slept very deeply for 90 minutes at a time this morning.  I'm up because I wanted some tea, needed to refill the vaporizer, and  I'll also blame the drugs for affecting my decision making skilz. :-)
Tags: cats, sleep, tea

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