Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quickly, Before The Narcotics Take Over

The new pain killer + narcotic cough medicine were way too strong in all the wrong ways. The pain killer dulled my thinking, but only lowered the pain in my side by about 25%. Which allowed the long-time arthritis pain in my knee to come to the fore again. The cough medicine did not stop me from coughing, but it also fogged my brain. My last dose of these was 6 am, it was 11 hours before my head was clear again.

The allergy and antibiotic pills seem to be doing their jobs, though.

Watched both playoff games, but somehow don't remember much. **

Was feeling well enough to meet Janice @ Starbucks at 6. The Starbucks app says it is open till 8 Sundays, but the sign on the door says 6:30. They kicked us all out at 6:20, rudely, claiming there was a district staff meeting.

Stopped at the store to get Ben Gay-like generic goop for my side. Also got a pizza and donut, which was dinner. 

**Denver won, thanks to Tim Tebow becoming a one-man offense, and badly injured Roeth???berger refusing to set his ego aside and let the backup QB win the game for the Steelers. Tebow seems to have learned the important lesson that it is not appropriate to praise Jesus every time he opens his mouth to answer a reporter's question. Maybe he has been reminded that there are Christians on the other teams too.

The cough syrup I took an hour ago is getting a grip on my brain, so I'll end here, feed the cats and go to bed.
Tags: cats, drugs, football, medical

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