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No more of that narcotic cough syrup for me. I took a dose before I went to bed last night, my head did not clear up until about 4 pm. It did its job - I didn't cough much and I got some serious sleep, but most of the cold symptoms are gone so I shouldn't need it. My side still hurts.

Work was zombie-like, though I did manage to run a few more tests than I thought I would. Team meeting this morning dubbed me Holographic Howard. I almost blew it off - it was the bi-weekly early meeting (9 am) and I was not up until 8. I did make it on time though.

Went home at 5, turned on the BCS championship game, and started falling asleep.Ducked into the bedroom and took an nap for an hour. LSU still had not showed up for the game. It was pretty pathetic - Alabama was channeling the 49ers with all field goals, neither team showed any imagination. Football at its worst - two sets of big, dumb-as-rocks jocks pounding into each other.

Had dinner somewhere in there, one of the Marie Callendar items.

On my way home I picked up a package at the office, it was the "pocket wizard" I had sent in for warranty repair. Too expensive to not need a signature. At my door was another package, a Revere Ware pot I'd ordered. I must have hit the wrong button because it is a tiny 1-qt pot, I wanted the 2-qt. I'll keep it, it has its uses, but I went online and ordered the right one, plus a new tea kettle (the one I have has started leaking around the spout).

Scheduled a couple of credit card bill payments.

And that was my day. Going to bed Real Soon Now.

Plans for tomorrow:
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