Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tuesday Going On Friday

Slept a lot last night, woke up a few times, the final one was at 6:50. Alarm goes off at 7. It was not a restful sleep, but I did my morning stuff (almost forgot to feed the cats) and was at work before 9. I was running out of work, so I grabbed a series of tests which the guys in Europe usually do. By 11 I was already dragging. My cough was back, not as frequent as before but just as violent. Went home for lunch at 1, since it would be a chance to relax a bit and pet the cats. Back at work, feeling more awake. Left at 5, came straight home still coughing.

I took 1/4 of a dose of the narcotic cough syrup, and that calmed things down without scrambling my brain.

Watched some no-brainer shows on Tivo, had dinner, and then go online to update my address for a company which said it had some stock they needed to get to me. It's legit, this is the same company that many years ago slapped Ameritrade upside the head for losing about 25 shares of my Microsoft stock. Got online, jumped through all the hoops and when I tried to change my address to the current one, it timed out and said they were down for system maintenance. At 10 pm EST? Sheesh.

And now I'm here.

I'm getting a bit nervous about Conflikt. I'm supposed to be on a plane on my way there in 2 weeks. I'd hate to have to cancel because of this crud.
One of the things I've been doing to help me get top sleep is to find new channels on the wi-fi radio. I thought classical channels would be a good bet, but not so much. All the ones I tried couldn't go 10 minutes without playing something loud and thrashing. Wagner, etc. The best ones have been Thai pop stations. The songs are pretty, very easy listening for the most part, and though I'll recognize one word in 10, it's usually not enough to distract me. I tried Hebrew language stations, but they yell too much.

Plans for tomorrow:
lather, rinse, repeat


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