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Buenos Notches

I'm a notch better. Less coughing, less zombie-ness. Woke up every hour last night, did my morning stuff a little early and then went back to bed. I don't have to be at work till 10 which means 9:30 is a reasonable wake up time. Mind you, I like to get to work earlier so I can leave earlier.

Did a lot of complex testing, and actually found a bug in one of our test tools. Luckily we have several for double-checking. It looks like the rest of the week will be spent in the lab, since the tool I need most is licensed per machine, and all those machines are in the lab.

Denny's for lunch. Service was very slow. Making it through a lumberjack slam took a while also.

Home, the 2 qt Revere Ware pot and tea kettle were at the door. I was expecting the curtains too, but was not surprised they weren't there. Put on the kettle, fed the cats, and the door bell rang - it was Fedex with the curtains.

They are not quite the material I thought I was ordering, but they are close enough. The color is spot on. Blackout lining - check. The hardware they included was for a pleated curtain, which this is not, hung from a drawstring mount, which I won't be using. On second thought, it may work fine with the rings which are on the curtain rod. I just need another package of those. There's a Lowe's not far from work.

Everything stays in the box till I'm ready to do the deed. I'll also put up the door curtain at the same time.

Plans for tomorrow:
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