Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Niagara Falls

Getting better step by step, inch by inch. Hardly coughed at all today. Pain in the side down to about 10%. Still irritated in the back of my throat when I take a deep breath, but at least I can take one now. Slept better last night. Domino spent most of the night in the closet. Pumpkin jumped up on the bed when I decided to sleep in a little.

Frustrating at work. I have a series of 30 tests to run which have a fairly complicated setup, and we only have two stations in the lab which can run the analysis for them, and engineering decided today was hog the lab day. When I finally did get a machine at about 4 pm it took an hour to get it to work. The good news is that after I did get it running, each analysis took care of 4 or 5 tests.

Lunchtime I went to Lowe's and found the curtain rings I wanted in about 3 minutes. Time enough to have a quick meal at Carl's Jr.

Am parked at a window seat in the Mercado Starbucks. The place is full, but then again it doesn't have nearly enough seating. Decided it was time to end the boycott. They have stopped playing Jesus music and there are no more obnoxious red cups.

When I get home it'll probably be time to change out the litterboxes. I'll need a bunch more refills to last till the next delivery. Pet Club on Saturday after I have my nails done, for sure.

Speaking of football, one of my theater friends is conflicted about this weekend. He is a 49ers fan, but he is also Drew Brees' uncle.

Lots of people going to the movies tonight. The only thing in the lineup I'm even mildly interested in is Tin Tin, and only mildly. It seems like something which is better watched on DVD.

Plans for tomorrow:
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