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Got to work before 9, did a couple of video captures but then couldn't do anything with them because the lab was full and someone from engineering had remote-desktopped to the machine I needed to use, which locked me out of it. I wasn't able to do any useful work till 5:30.

Went to lunch with next door neighbor, a place that serves soul food. Big portions, reasonable prices. Bad place to go on a Friday, some company decided to take a whole department there.  Their fried chicken was soggy.

Worked almost till 7, finally got onto the machine I needed but all the files I captured errored out. The last time the tests were run they were failed because of this, but the bug report said it had been fixed month ago.

Late in the afternoon the boss deleted the Monday meeting from our calendars. It would have been nice to know in advance that MLK day was a day off. No more days off until Memorial Day. I'd rather have President's Day. I thought about going to Ardenwood Farms on Monday to see the monarch butterflies, but they are closed Mondays.

Home after work, changed the litterboxes, fed the cats and myself. In the background I am copying some video files from a friend's antarctic trip so we can make a DVD. She also shot about 10 minutes on the camcorder, which I slurped up last week.

The cold is about 90% gone. I've put all the drugs away except the amoxillan.

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure, drop off 2012 calendar
Pet club for cat food & litter refills.
Car wash
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