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Plan B FTW

Plan A was to be up at 10, and at the nail parlor by 11, then continue to the Pet Club, then on to the car wash, and back home in time for the football game. Slept late (yay!).  I was about to leave when the phone rang, it was aunt & uncle calling from NYC, to check on my cold. Uncle said that next time, have some black elderberry syrup on hand, it's good for preventing colds at their onset. He said the original marketing was done for  product from Israel called Sambucol, but he has since been using generic concentrate. His health ideas are usually pretty sound, he turned me on to Melatonin before it was a household name.

Didn't get to the nails place till 11:30, her next opening was at 2. So car wash then Pet Club. As I was driving out of the parking lot my insides told me they needed a restroom, stat. Pulled into the next driveway and used the one at the Krispy Kreme. I was way early, they have free wi-fi there, so I bought a snack and went online for a bit. Wifi was not very solid, and it was competing with McDonalds next door, Starbucks a block away and the city's Google service. So I packed up and went to the coffee shop next to the nails place and read a Kindle book on the netbook until it was appointment time.

I gave the manicurist one of my 2012 calendars, she liked it a lot. They had the game playing on the TV out front, I was able to half watch it while my nails were being done. San Francisco got off to a great start, New Orleans was making all kinds of critical mistakes.

Home, watched till halftime, then unpacked the car and brought all the pet stuff inside. The second half was not as good for the 49ers, and when the Saints scored a touchdown and got the lead with 2 minutes to play, I figured that was the ball game, turned off the TV and went to the PC to look up the ending of Casey At The Bat. Then I hear a huge cheer from the apartment's community room, which is a block away down the path which runs along my computer room windows. I thought the game was over and there were too many NOLA fans at the party. But I turned the TV back on, and there was Vernon Davis scoring a touchdown for the 49ers, winning the game. OMG.

Watched a lot of the post-game show, then switched to the Patriots-Broncos game. At halftime New England was so far ahead it was pretty clear they were going to slam dunk this. My car was parked in the outdoor lot and needed to move to the underground garage, but I also needed to find more vitamin C so I drove to Target, which didn't have any in the dosage I wanted, and then to Walgreen's, which did. Neither of them had black elderberry syrup, though.

Home, watched the last 5 minutes of the ball game, and some of the post-game. Tim Tebow didn't mention Jesus or God at all, he just said he was happy to have had the chance to play, said nice things about the Patriots & Tom Brady, and also how much it meant to him to have gotten to know his teammates and coaches.

I think the best image from either game was when Vernon Davis got to the sidelines after his catch, the coach hugging him.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably football.
If it's warm enough, I may got out to Ardenwood Farms and get some pix of the wintering monarch butterflies.
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