Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stir Crazy? Maybe tomorrow

Stayed inside all day today. No reason to go outside. Watched both football games, was surprised by the outcome of both of them but as they say, on any given day...

Last night I hung the new curtains and this morning when the sun was on that side of the room it was clear they did not put in the blackout lining. I'll have to give them a call Tuesday and find out what happened. It looks like they installed the hooks for blackout lining but didn't include the lining.

I looked up blackout lining online and it costs about $45, and they charged me $40 for it at the drapes place, so...

It's snowed in the Seattle/Puget Sound area today. I hope it takes a hiatus for the 25th-26th so I can drive out to Poulsbo and visit my sister.  And fly to Seattle too, come to think of it.

Been watching way too much TV, I know all the commercials. Some of them are so stupid I will flip channels. That rarely works with Geico commercials because they are on every channel, all the time. I cannot believe the Ford F150 monster truck is being pushed as a fuel-efficient vehicle. And I am so glad the Ram truck "nutcracker" commercial is off the air.

Dinner was reheated pizza. Domino stared at me until I gave her a piece of sausage. Okay, I also had some celery stalks.

Plans for tomorrow:
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