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Back On Schedule

It has been a few weeks since I was on the computer after midnight. The cold is gone, but there is still some coughing now and then from residual throat irritation. I've been sleeping almost normal stretches of time.

Tried to sleep in, but only made it to 8:30. I'm not sure but I think I made eggs for breakfast. Or was that yesterday?

Caught up on some of the Tivo recordings. Looked at the end of the 9ers game, but it cut off with 2:11 left to play. Bummer.

Did a lot of reading on the Kindle, something called Implant which is sci-fi in a covert CIA setting. It's pretty linear, no real sub-plots. Good enough writing to keep plugging away.

Lunchtime I decided to go to Togo's a few blocks away, but needed cash, and also wanted to get some Ester-C so I stopped at the CU, then made the 2-mile trip to Rite Aid. I also picked up some of that black elderberry syrup. Togo's was the last stop, it was almost as busy as a work day. I got a #9 for lunch and a #6 for later, took them both home. My sandwich maker was an adorably cute young woman who reminded me of my best friend's girlfriend of 20 years ago. Haven't heard from best friend in ages, but his ex is on Facebook and active in local theater so I see her from time to time.

The Ester-C is not coated hardly at all, and is too big at 1k to swallow. The syrup said take two tsps, but it was so intense I could only handle 1/2 of a tsp.

Watched some mindless TV (courtroom reality shows) and read some more.

Mostly wasted time till a little after 7, and walked over to the BASFA meeting at Coco's. It was my first meeting since football season, or close to it. It was not quite a full house, but close. It was not as entertaining as usual, not a lot of good quips, and way too many people interrupting or holding their own conversations. Or both. Auction items were mostly junk. The food was horrible - burned tri-tip in some overcooked sauce/paste.

It was a COLD walk. My patio thermometer said 50° but the weather widgets both said 40°. I should have worn my Sharks jacket instead of the thin faux leather.

Plans for tomorrow:
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