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Second Monday

Up and out by 8:30, spent almost as much time writing up the re-opened bug as doing the nine setups and video captures. And then there were about six test cases to FAIL and reference the bug. Sad, really, because the cases I was testing didn't fail, what happened is something in the way the videos were captured made the analyzer refuse to work on the whole file. Kind of like failing a driving test because one of your blinkers didn't work.

Lunch was at the Korean buffet, China China. I made sure to have some sushi.

At BASFA last night someone mentioned Repo! The Genetic Opera, and a quick check showed Fry's had it, so after work I picked up the blu-ray version. Also got a plain DVD of Nine. I saw a stage version at City Lights a few months ago, and wanted to see what it should have looked like.

Home, watched Repo and was surprised both pleasantly and un. The surround sound, when they used it, came in clearly on all channels, but amplitude was all over the place. The first 5+ minutes was intro, no singing, mostly comic book frames. Each chapter began with a comic panel which was drawn from a live freeze frame. Cute idea. When they finally did get around to singing it was tuneless, and often childish. Toward the end there was actually a bit of melody when Sarah Brightman sang her one number (which was rudely cut off in the middle).

The story goes like this: It's 2030 or so, people have died in droves from organ failures, and a tycoon sets up a company which sells replacement organs, and gets the laws passed to allow the organs to be repossessed if payments are missed. There are two sub-plots. The tycoon has two sons and a daughter who are just plain bizarre and he hates them. He also had a fiancé who left him for a doctor. The doctor accidentally poisons his pregnant wife, but manages to save the baby girl. It is now 17 years later and the wheels of jealousy begin to turn.

Which brings me to some of the pleasant. The cast.
Sarah Brightman is the tycoon's squeeze. She was blind when he discovered her, and gave her amazing eyes.
Paul Sorvino is the tycoon. He has an impressive operatic voice which the score does very little to let him use. He's also a solid actor
Paris Hilton is the tycoon's daughter, and she actually acts! You may not recognize her. The character is addicted to surgery, and she wears many faces (literally).
Anthony Head of Buffy fame is the doctor/repo man. Once again a nice voice but not much material to show it off. Impressive physical acting.
Alexa Vega is the doctor's daughter. They let her cut loose once toward the end to show her chops, but for the most part she sings boring tuneless stuff.

It was almost worth watching. It definitely is not something to watch while eating. Lots of gore and mutilation. There have been comparisons to Rocky Horror but this gem does not even come close on any aspect except maybe cinematography, and I chalk that up to much more modern available technology.

If I'm at BASFA next week, this will be on the auction table. No sense hogging it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nine (?) 
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