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No Pickles

Slept till noon. Turned on the NE/Ravens game and made a pigs in blankets omelet. It seemed logical at the time: I was planning on making a cheese omelet and slicing a turkey frank into it and serving it on a slice of whole wheat bread. A night or two ago I made up for the NYE disaster (pigs in cardboard - I had forgotten to let the store-bought frozen dough rise) by thawing the dough in the fridge, kneading it with corn oil, and letting it rise on top of the stove while the oven heated up. They came out great, but I only ate a few, bagged and froze the rest. So I figured why bother slicing a frank and defrosting a piece of bread, when I could warm up the pigs in blankets and put them on the omelet, covered by mozzarella strips. Tasted great with a little Dijon.

As soon as the game was over it was time to head for the photo studio. Meetup.com shoot with 11 other photographers and a very hot model. I took about 130 photos, and there are a handful of good ones in there. Most of them needed Photoshopping, the lights were set without enough fill, lots of shadows. Maybe next time I'll add my flash to the mix, for fill. Brought a 60mm macro lens which I used for half the shots, but the way the lights were set up there was no way to get close enough to the model to use it for macro.

We followed the 9ers game via smartphone, and the shoot was over about 4 minutes before the end of regulation. I drove to MV to meet Janice, Plan A was to meet at Starbucks after the game, but when it went into overtime Plan B was to meet at her place because Starbucks had closed. Since I was already parked there, I went to check out the new Fresh & Easy market which had opened in a long-vacant store which had seen a series of failed Chinese markets. I was impressed with how clean it was, and how bright, and the wide aisles. All the refrigerator cases had doors, a nice touch, to save energy. Most name brand items were more expensive than at the other supermarkets, and they did not have a lot of choices of most things. Their house brand items were sometimes a bargain, sometimes not. The spice section was lame. Ditto the bakery section. Huge choice of pasta sauces, though. I didn't buy anything, I was just looking.

Back to the car to hear the 9ers blow it, then to Janice's.

Home, made dinner, fed the cats, transferred the photos from the camera to the PC and converted them to JPEG. Made a first pass with Photoshop.

There was no time to make pickles this weekend. If I don't do that tomorrow, I'll have to toss all those cukes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe replace the Comcast STB in the bedroom with my old HD Tivo. The STB has a horrible user interface, but it's free for the first year.  Tivo would cost $10/month. Earlier in the evening I organized three boxes of tangled wires, coax and assorted computer parts in search of the 802.11G adapter for the Tivo, then remembered it was in the TV cabinet.

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