Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Let's Get Packing

All the hard pre-trip stuff is done. Cats have lots of food & water, litterboxes changed and an extra one put out just in case. Meds loaded into their not-so-little 1-week plastic container thingie. Non-refrigerated diabetes supplies staged for later packing. Camera batteries & GPS charged & lenses laid out. Portable GPS for the rental car is charged, new firmware installed and map is being updated as I write this.

The netbook is already charged and updated.  

I've put the non-metallic buckle on my belt, though last time they made me take it off for the scanner. Go figure.

Work was work. I got the engineer who wrote the non-working instructions to help me figure out how to burn the programs into the two flash cards, and sure enough, he had not updated the doc in 3 years. Lots had changed. Plus even back then he had a couple of things wrong which were show-stoppers. We were successful in the end

A dozen of us went to Cooking Poppa for a near-Chinese New Year lunch. The place was packed, and very noisy. Four of the gang are Chinese, so they did the ordering. It was a major banquet for $15 each. Next time we'll go at 1 pm, early is too busy.

Home, did a lot of prep for tomorrow's trip. Will pack everything except refrigerated meds & toiletries after dinner.

The pickle spears look promising. All the jars sealed well, which means they probably cooked for long enough. I used a mix which yields pickles edible in 24 hours, but I'll let them stay on the counter untouched till I get back.

My sister emailed that we're meeting at the  Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, near her office. I'll stay at the con hotel tomorrow night, then in the morning drive around Tacoma and Bremerton hoping to get to the museum by noon. Should be fun.

The rest of the week is Conflikt, which has been a laugh riot each time I've gone.
Tags: food, travel, work

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