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Stinkin' Plans

Plan A actually worked today.

Had breakfast in the hotel cafe. Waited till 10 to hit the road, both to avoid rush hour and rain. Drove I-5 through Tacoma, Hwy 16 across the world famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge,

Hwy 3 past Bremerton and 308 to Keyport and the Naval Undersea Museum where my sister, who works next door at the Naval Undersea Warfare Station, met me. We toured the museum, which was well stocked with retired Navy submariners and divers as docents, and with lots of artifacts and displays. There was a full submarine control room, including a periscope which looked out the roof of the building.

From there we went to a deli in Keyport and had lunch, and then up to the forests of Poulsbo, where her husband is almost done building a house on property they bought up on a ridge. It's a work in progress, five years in the making so far (estimate was 2 years, but code changes and contentious neighbors slowed things down). They have camped out in it a couple of times, but it looks like another 6 months of work is needed to make it fully livable. It's pretty amazing what he's done, it's been pretty much him with some help from his brother building the house by hand. And he also has two out buildings done - one which was supposed to be his workshop, but is mostly a tool shed because it's easier to build stuff in the garage; and a garden shed. My sister is a master gardener, and her goal is to be able to grow all her own veggies. She's about 80% there.

From there we went to their rented house on the Suquamish Indian reservation, near the casino, and just hung out. Then to downtown Poulsbo for dinner at the misnamed Himalaya Chutney restaurant. While there is nothing Himalayan about the place, the staff is friendly, the service is quick, and the food, which is 100% east Indian, was excellent.

Back to the reservation for a bit, then I drove to the Bainbridge ferry, and was the last car to board the 8:15 run to Seattle.

I never can remember how to get to I-5 from the ferry, the signs are obsolete what with lots of construction. GPS is useless, it gets all scrambled in that neighborhood. I drove up the hill, followed the signs, and somehow landed on I-90 headed for Mercer Island. Took the Rainier Ave exit and headed south, but did not manage to get back to the freeway until MLK Way dumped into it about three exits before the airport. That last 5 miles is my old neighborhood, so it wasn't so bad seeing the changes, most of them good.

Turned in the car and walked the 3 miles or so to the light rail station and across the skybridge to the side of the street the hotel is on. Back at the room, was pleasantly surprised that all my stuff was the way I'd left it, because even though the nice woman at the front desk had said I was all set to stay in the room for my whole trip, since I had two reservations (one for yesterday and one for the rest of the weekend) it could easily have been botched.

It was cold all day, but there was very little rain, and I wish I had brought my driving sunglasses.

Bringing my own GPS was a great idea, since I had both of my sister's addresses in it, and I added the museum yesterday.

The Ford Focus they rented me got lousy mileage - 1.5 hours of freeway driving, it displayed 28 mpg. My Corolla would have gotten 43. It took a lot of looking to find the headlight switch. The layout of the controls for the entertainment panel is totally whacked, I finally figured it out on the ferry ride. It wasn't hard to pair my cell phone with the bluetooth, and that worked fine when I called my sister a couple of times.

My sister gave me a pint jar of home-canned dill pickled green beans to donate to the con suite.

I took photos at the museum & the ridge house. Probably will wait till I get home to upload them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wake up whenever
Have breakfast somewhere
Look for early-arriving filkers
Opening ceremonies at 6:30.
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