Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Conday Too

Woke up after 10. This is a very comfortable hotel - I'm sleeping longer and deeper than I am at home, and with more structured dreams. Though I can't remember any details.
When I tried to charge a couple of Cokes to my room, the front desk said there was no one in that room. They would not listen to me about the two reservations, and we had quite a 3 Stooges thing going with two desk clerks and a trainee, before one of them figured out that I was  supposed to have been given paperwork for the 2nd reservation to sign. It took about 15 minutes.

I caught Anne's concert, a few minutes late, I think she did one number with the harp which I missed, the rest was on guitar. She's always enjoyable.

Then up to the top floor for the luncheon. In theory they had sold out, but there were several empty seats - two at my table. We had Bill & Carole & Harold & filkerferenghi & Neil & lemmozine. The food did not impress me, except for the cheesecake.

We were given a stupid phrase and an unrelated word for the seeds of our instafilk song. I was uninspired. Bill & Lem had something going but it did not click for me. Carole wrote her own, which was pretty close to what I had in mind. Then only thing I could see doing with the stupid phrase was make it into a chant refrain, which is what she did.

There were a lot of good entries, a lot of it had to do with the luck of the draw of seed words. Every table had enough talent.

Twofers, which I love to go to, only got one sign-up, because they had it opposite Tony & Vixy. It could easily have been moved up an hour when T&V sound check was going on. T&V did an excellent concert as usual, but I was disappointed they did not play emerald green.

Riverfolk was next, and contrary to what their name sounded like, they did an all-filk set. I loved what they did with Popsicle Girl. The sign language signers were a total hoot in that one. Interfilk auction, as usual, went higher than I wanted to pay for everything, but that's good, they need the money, Unlike the BASFA auction, Interfilk bidders bid high to help fund the operation.

I wasn't going to the songbook singalong, which gave me time to take light rail to Othello Street for dinner. Unfortunately the one and only Chinese place was closed for a private party. I stopped in at Safeway for cough drops and donettes, then found an upstairs Pho place, which had a really good #8. $7 for dinner. $4.50 rail fare.

Back to the hotel in time for Talis Kimberly, except that something was seriously wrong with the sound system, or so they told us, and it started more than an hour late. Not cool.

I had never heard Talis in person, but had heard many covers of her songs. In person she is a perky, energetic performer, but I didn't understand hardly any of her songs. I hear the words, they don't make sense to me. It happens, especially when the writer is a fan of some book series I'm not interested in.

Toastmonster hsifyppah killed. It was so good to have her awesomeness there again. She had a lot of new material, and closed with what is already a filk classic. She did not do my favorite song of hers, but I wouldn't have either, under the circumstances. It was really neat when she called her mother-in-law (stand-up bass) and father-in-law (guitar) up on stage.

I wasn't sure if I would like the GoH concert by Brenda & Bill Sutton, so I went to my room and pulled it up on streaming. There were enough buffer under-runs to make that not enjoyable so I went back to the concert room and listened. They did more filk than I expected, but much of it was heavy. Not my favorite music, but they are good musicians.

I think I'll go down to open filking for a little while.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast at the hotel
Two-fers II if I'm fed in time (10)
Song writing contest
Lunch break maybe at the con suite, or maybe hike up to 7-11 (and use the cash machine)
Concerts/panels as the mood strikes
Band scramble
farewell jam
sharps & flats
supper - Maybe go downtown again.
Tags: cons, filk, food, travel

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