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Last things first. Last night I installed XP Pro on the new PC, and as I had feared it required me to wipe the hard drive array. The only choices were that, or make it a dual-boot machine, which would have been a useless waste. The good news is having done it once, I now knew the tricks for transferring files across from the old machine, so it didn't take as much time. All the files I want to transfer are in place now, most of the work being done overnight, and I have email and anti-virus installed. Tonight I should be able to finish up re-installing software.

A fourth hard drive and a new CPU fan are en route, that'll be next weekend - those only take a few minutes each to install.

Going to see Lion King tomorrow night with a friend whose brother bought tickets and then moved back to Arizona.

Thursday I'll hit SIGGRAPH, they are doing a presentation about sim medical software. Should be entertaining. Every now and then people I rarely see anywhere except BayCon show up at these meetings, which is another reason to look forward to it.

A miracle has happened - after years of horrible backups and one of the stupidest/most dangerous merge patterns in the Bay Area, CalTrans finally opened up the new split off-ramps from Hwy 85. Two lanes dump onto 101 Northbound, two more split off to dump onto Shoreline Blvd, and those two become four lanes, two north and two south turn lanes. What had been a 10-minute backup and major road rage fodder is now a 3-minute wait for the light at Shoreline, with some minor lane juggling which will fix itself over time as commuters figure out what lane to get into at the off-ramp. The bad news is my work is planning to move to another traffic hell in about a month and a half. Maybe I'll find a new job before then. I've had some serious bites from a company which is two blocks from my apartment. Two other good things about them is they do PC video cards and software, but they don't compete with my current company.

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