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Mister Eclectic

Long short day

Up at 7, did not recognize the phone's alarm, somehow it was set to old style phone ring instead of one of my raucous ringtones.

Had the hotel's buffet breakfast at about 9, back upstairs to pack. lemmozine hiked in from his far-flung hotel and we went to Denny's where he had breakfast and I had a Coke & a chat. Many smiles. Chat is not really a valid description of what one does in Lem's presence, it's more like two streams on consciousness trying not to get too tangled up. A good time, always, keeps me on my toes, so to speak. We agree on a variety of radical POVs, and disagree on a few.

Back to the hotel, I caught the 12:20 shuttle to the airport. I was the only passenger, which surprised me since they have a noon check-out time.

TSA was not so bad, except the body scanners, they insist, can't see through a leather belt with no metal on it. Bullshit, I'm sure. We really have to get rid of this security theater crapola and return to sanity.

Found the cleverly hidden computer-friendly desk at the end of Alaska's last gate. Free wi-fi cut out after a while, so I went in search of lunch (clam chowder). The sports pub had Ivar's, which saved me a long walk. After lunch I walked to the central circle anyway, since I had the time and wanted to look at the fancy chocolates kiosk.

Back to my gate at 3 for a 3:30 boarding. It kind of just happened, the announcement was made using the gate next door's PA system, which somehow could not be heard in our gate area. Meanwhile the pages from two terminals away came through loud and clear.

Smooth flight, no infants. None. It makes sense, the Gypsies live in the PNW, all the San Jose babies had been taken there and sold.

20-minute wait for the park-and-fly shuttle, much longer than usual for a 6 pm arrival.

Stopped at Fry's on the way home for some sundries, and to see if they had a better carry-on case than the one I was using. It will be in the dumpster tomorrow. Fry's only had short squat ones for laptops.

Home, Pumpkin looks sick. The cats have two water fountains (I unplug them when I travel because the motor will fry if it runs dry), a big one which was in the old apartment and a new huge one. The huge one was totally dry, the big one did not look like it had been used at all. I think Pumpkin has forgotten that there are two bowls of water, and stopped drinking when the huge one went dry. Will call the vet tomorrow. And buy another huge water fountain.

W2 arrived from my Netflix gig, which was only 1.5 months of 2011. The contract agency sent me two letters suggesting my income (or lack thereof) might qualify me for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Which reminded me that all three employers from 2011 used ADP for payroll, and I had not updated the address. The W2 arrived with my old address, and no forwarding sticker.

Skipped BASFA. Maybe next week. Tonight I needed to take care of the litter boxes, transfer the photos to the PC and convert them to JPEG, catch up on Quicken and spend time with the cats.

Plans for tomorrow:
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