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State of the Pumpkin

Took Pumpkin to the vet this morning at 9, he was so out of it I had to wrap his tail around him so it didn't get caught in the carrier door. He stayed in the same position I'd put him until we lifted the top off the carrier in the exam room.

He was seriously dehydrated, body temp low. He is down to 10.3 lbs, from 13.6 last week. The plan was to put him on a heating pad, and fill him with electrolytes, do a blood panel and decide later if he needed to go to the emergency vet overnight.

At about 11, the vet called, Pumpkin's body temp is up, too soon to tell if he will need the overnight stay. His blood sugar is definitely out of control. Best case I'd bring him home tonight, they will call later to let me know.
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