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Double Cashectomy. More to come

$957 for the vet to treat Pumpkin all day for severe dehydration and loss of body heat. Blood panels, urinalysis, insulin. Pumpkin was still a zombie at 5 pm, so I picked him up from the vet, along with a detailed write-up and history, and brought him to the overnight emergency clinic, and dropped $450 deposit on another ~ $1k estimate. Have to pick him up by 8 am and bring him back to the vet, at which time we'll have to decide if my poor old orange furball can be saved.  He's coming up on his 14th birthday.

Both my vet and the one at the ER said Pumpkin's lame hind legs are a result of the diabetes, probably neuropathy. There may be an element of arthritis too, but it's mostly the blood sugar.

It's 45 minutes to an hour from my place to the ER, then back 3/4 of the way to the vet. And then another 15 minutes to work from there.

Work was tedious, I was asked to proofread the doc for a patch, test the patch, and test that the patch was still needed. Re-installed the firmware on my test machine about 30 times. When I was done with that, I wasn't able to run the next test in my queue because I'd given one of my teammates permission to borrow my machine's optical ethernet adapter, but when he put it back it didn't work. The two IT people who could fix it were busy giving visitors a tour of the lab. Tomorrow.

Went to Petco looking for another huge water fountain, they didn't carry that brand. I had parked in front of a jewelry store which advertised that it replaced watch batteries, so I had that done. The backlight on mine died last week. Went down the block for Pizza Hut's buffet, which only had three slices on display which I could positively identify as pizza. The cheese-covered pasta was not bad, though.
Domino is being way affectionate.

Plans for tomorrow:
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