Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sleep? Maybe Later

Fitfull night. Every two hours I would wake up to find I was lying on my side, and Domino had climbed Mt. Howeird and was sleeping on top of me, balanced on my arm, purring into my ear. Loudly. This is the cat who usually keeps arm's length from me, ducks when I try to pet her. She knows Something's Up.

Finally gave up at 4:30, got out of bed and nearly fell over. Low blood sugar. Staggered to the kitchen and my meter, and yes, 79, which meant it was lower. Ate some ice cream. Showered, took meds, made three eggs on toast for breakfast. Watched bad Tivo. Got dressed and was out the door a little after 6. Traffic on Central was sparse, and traffic lights were mostly green for me. Got to the ER at about 6:40. The vet said Pumpkin was doing better, but it would take a while. He was confident of a recovery - not full, though, orange furball has serious diabetes but responds well to tiny doses of insulin and should do well on DM cat food. Apparently it's also okay food for Domino.

Left ER with Pumpkin and a bag of hydration IV sacks, about 7:15, and arrived at the vet at 7:45. Got him checked in for the day, I should be able to collect him a little before 5.

I've been at work since 8. I may wake up or I may not.

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