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Crash Day

Was seriously lagging all day. Boss assigned me some tests which had not been done since 2009, and while the procedure was well documented, the guy who wrote them said the computers in the lab I needed were long gone. Amazing but true, I was able to download a free copy of the software and run it on my desktop machine. All three tests passed as soon as I figured out how to configure  everything.

Vet called, said to be there by 5:15 to bring Pumpkin for another night at the ER. Left at 4:30, there was very little traffic and lots of green lights, so was there in 15 minutes. Waited in the office till 5:15, paid the bill ("only" $377), drove to the ER. Lots of traffic and red lights but still got there 15 minutes before their 6 pm opening time. Waited in the car with a silent cat.

Inside at a little before 6, they took the furball and his bags of IV drip into the back immediately. Waited till 6:50 for the vet. She was very disappointed in his lack of progress.

It's a bit of a puzzle. Tests show the only things wrong are high blood sugar (in the 300 range, so not fatal), some kind of liver issue, and acidic blood/urine. Kidneys are good, no signs of cancer or other Dread Diseases. But he looks like hell.

The assistant brought me back to give Pumpkin some petting, but he was mostly out of it, still. Different assistant from yesterday, but both are very petite redheads. Yum. Out of there at 7, short stop at Safeway for some laundry stuff and fixings for dinner.

Home via freeway, much faster than rush hour or Central Expressway. In at 8, put stuff away, Domino was all over me, making rude noises. Went to bed, napped till 10 with Domino sitting on guard about halfway down the left side of the bed. She tried climbing Mt. Howeird, but I lifted her off.

Appetizer was celery stalks and bleu cheese salad dressing dip. Dinner was two split English muffins with a pat of margarine on each piece, crab claw meat, a slice of Velveeta and 1/4 of a piece of string cheese cooked for 1.5 minutes in the microwave. And iced jasmine tea. Java chip ice cream with walnuts & honey for dessert.

I opened one of the computer room windows (directly above the litterboxes - closed while I was on vacation) and Domino immediately rushed up the kitty steps and shoved her nose against the screen. She is still there now, keeping the neighborhood safe.

Plans for tomorrow:
P/U Pumpkin from ER by 8
Pumpkin to the vet
P/U Pumpkin from the vet. Maybe take him home. The jury is still out.

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