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Friday Morning, 6 am

Isn't there a song named something like that? Did the cat shuttle routine, and later saw tha an FB friend pointed out there is a 24-hour vet closer to home than the overnight clinic. Pumpkin would probably have been much better off there. I'm guessing that my vet did not refer me there because they are his competition.

The reason I did not go to the 24 hour clinic in the first place is:
1. It was the first vet I went to when I moved to CA, and they ripped me off for $400 in needless tests when I had no money.
2. I didn't know they were now a hugely expanded, fully staffed 24-hour hospital and the people who ripped me off are long gone.

I am not feeling good about this.

Also not feeling good about not taking out the pet insurance for $1200 a year, thinking I would never spend that much on the cats. So far Pumpkin has cost more than $5k since October.

One more test to run at work, but I need IT again because their video streamer is not working for me. A video streamer is a device which takes a movie file and plays it over the network. You tune into it by IP address. The stream I need to use contains 16 programs in the one file. The device I'm testing takes each program and assigns it to a separate TV channel.

Komen has reversed its decision and will continue funding Planned Parenthood cancer screenings. But it's too late to reverse the bad image, and in my case it opened my eyes to the fact that there are few people on the planet who are more pillars of conservatism than Komen chaircritter/fonder Nancy Brinker. The daughter of a real estate tycoon, her first husband was a Neiman Marcus exec who got her into an NM management training program, and she became a marketing exec for them. Three years after her divorce she married Norman Brinker, whose bio reads like a Type A+++ - a poor farm boy who built up a horse trading business, became an Olympic equestrian and polo player, and after serving in the Navy, he went into the restaurant business, working his way up to CEO of Jack in the Box. He sold his interest in that, founded Steak & Ale, which he built into a chain, which he sold to Pillsbury. He was VP of of their restaurant division, founded Bennigan's, and became head of Burger King. He left Pillsbury to take over Chili's. He is credited with inventing many major restaurant innovations, including the salad bar. Nancy was his 3rd wife, while they were married they were among George W Bush's top campaign contributors. They founded Komen together, and though divorced in 2003 and remarried, he remained on the board until his death in 2009. It was his money which funded Komen's start-up.

Nancy became Bush's ambassador to Hungary in 2001 until her divorce, and in 2007 Bush appointed her to the ambassador-level position Chief of Protocol, where she served until Obama took office.

There is no doubt she did wonders to raise awareness of breast cancer issues, she is a cancer survivor herself while her sister Susan Komen was not so lucky. But she is first and foremost a marketing genius, and I would call her the Steve Jobs of breast cancer. It would be interesting to see how much she has profited from the pink campaigns.

And this raises a question for me. Why do people donate $ per mile for their friends to walk in a crowd of pink, when the same $ would go a lot further directly donated to Planned Parenthood and the local cancer research facility?

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