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Was up till 2 am, slept deeply, up once at 5:30 then at 8:30 there was a yowl, and Domino was sitting up on the floor next to the bed telling me she was unhappy with my recumbent status. She does not understand weekends. I rolled over and went back to sleep. She jumped up on the bed and climbed over me a couple of times, then curled up by my side, where my hand would reach her middle.

I am not as devastated as I should be about Pumpkin. He was sick for a long time, but I had not put the pieces together and the vets all missed a vital clue to the liver disease. I was out of the apartment for 5 days, he was at the vet for the next 4, so it was not like he was suddenly gone.

I left a message for my vet. The ER doctor will be calling him in the morning with the technical details.

And I changed my litterbox refill repeat order from 12 to 6 a month. 

I looked up Domino's adoption papers looking for her microchip number, because I never did register my move to CA 12 years ago, but it was not there.

I'm listening to Don McLean's America Pie album. Several of the songs have lines which comfort me, amuse me, make me cry in times like these.

You know I've heard about people like me
But I never made the connection
They walk one road to set them free
And find they've gone the wrong direction
But there's no need for turning back
For all roads lead to where I stand
And I believe I'll walk them all
No matter what I may have planned

I had not planned to go outside today, and did not.  Made breakfast - two split sourdough English muffins with a tiny pat of butter on each, topped with a little crab claw meat, and three over-easy eggs. Domino sat on his perch near the recliner, staring, and I gave her nibbles of crab meat from time to time.

Opened the two new web cams, set them up, noticed they had newer f/w and browser s/w than two of the three already installed, so I updated those as well.

And I wonder if you know
That I never understood
That although you said you'd go
Until you did
I never thought you would

Never thought the words you said were true
Never thought you said just what you meant
Never knew how much I needed you
Never thought you'd leave
Until you went

Hauled the 12' ladder in from the storage room, drilled the pilot holes above the computer room patio door, and installed littercam. It looks down on the litter boxes, but more importantly it has a view of the steps to the window which Domino likes to climb to keep the neighborhood safe from nuclear attack.

Did not need the ladder for treecam - this is the one which is eye level with the top of the cat tree with the cylinder in which Domino likes to hide & sleep during the day.

Those are all up and running and viewable from the real world via my phone app. I even set preset views for them.

The players tried to take the field
The marching band refuse to yield

Makes me chuckle. I was in the marching band all through JHS, HS and college. And after. I was in Seattle's elite All-City High School Marching Band. We marched in many of the SeaFair parades, and at PNE in Vancouver. I am a life member of the UW's Husky Marching Band Alumni Assn., and have marched with them in many community parades, and as an alum with the regular UW band in the Torchlight Parade.

But I digress.

Time for the Superbowl, which turned out to be 45 minutes of pre-game crap. The game was as boring as I expected. The commercials were not. At least a handful of them. There was some never before seen co-op advertising which had unlikely partners. GE had a series of well-produced, tastefully scripted ads which focused on how they make the machines which provide electricity for the country. Budweiser had three different campaigns represented, one was a more tasteful than usual series set in a poorly lit bar, and emphasized the social advantages to having a Bud. The final one in the series showed the Bud actors chatting up the GE actors, finding out that without the power plants built by GE there would be no Budweiser, ending with a toast all around. Clever.

Another clever ad was for a Chevy truck, which breaks out of the rubble of the Mayan 2012 apocalypse,  and finds a fort built by other Chevy truck owners. The guy at the gate points out the toughness of the Chevy truck, and how only the strong survive. Another survivor holds out a plastic grocery package and says the last line: "Twinkie?"

My favorite, though, was one of the first commercials, for Audi. A group of Twilight-ish teen vampires are having a campfire party, and a handsome young vampire is driving his Audi to the party, with a bag of Type O on the passenger seat. When he pulls up into the camp, all the partiers go up in smoke as they are hit by the headlights. The driver steps in front of them and gets fried too. The ad is bragging about the LED daylight spectrum headlights.

During the pre-game, I made pigs in blankets. Celery stalks in bleu cheese dip and seltzer with lime juice was the rest of dinner while I watched the halftime show. And some chocolate donettes. Madonna's people put together a beautiful production, the number of people in it alone may have accounted for this month's lower unemployment figures. She looked great, costumes were amazing, and she was obviously having fun, and so were her dance captains. Choreography was flashy but simple, a brilliant choice for this kind of show. And she stuck to her greatest hits, with maybe one rap-like number added. Times have changed so much - Like A Prayer at Superbowl halftime?
Domino sat on my lap some of the time I was sitting on the recliner, and curled up between my legs when I moved to the sofa to lie down. She knows it's just her and me now.

'Cause I've used my talents as I could
I've done some bad
I've done some good
I did a whole lot better than they thought I would
Everybody loves me baby
What's the matter with you?

It was very busy at the ER last night. One man was picking up his dog. It took about 15 minutes and what came out of the back room was the biggest Great Dane I have ever seen. He claimed it was a lab, but no, not that tall and not with a silver-grey coat. Gorgeous dog. A 30-ish couple were claiming their adorable puppy Kia, who had been attacked by a cocker spaniel. Lovely people, charming puppy looked to be just under a year old but was actually 3 months! Gonna be one humongous aminal.

And on my way out there was a woman in her mid-20's in her pajamas, in tears. But she still had enough heart left to tell me her condolences. An older lesbian couple did too, they were waiting for their dog to be diagnosed.

While I was waiting to be waited on, an animal control officer made several trips, the first with a carrier and the others to do paperwork.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - 9 am team meeting
After work, who knows?

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