Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Yowl wake-up again, 15 minutes late (6:45) from Domino. She was very vocal last night and followed me around any time I wasn't sitting still. She's eating, but not as much as usual. She left 3 treats out of the dozen or so I left for her last night.

BASFA was a good time last night. Well-attended, which means many side conversations. Maybe next time I'll sit in the front. I did not find any puns to say. I reviewed Conflikt, and a Kindle book which was free when I got it, but now is both free or $4.95 if you find it through the publisher's pages.

This morning I decided it was a higher priority to massage and post the Conflikt pix than to get to work early.

They are in sets by day. I may get around to tagging them tonight. Or I may go to City Lights for a play reading.

At lunchtime I went to a supermarket which had not been on my radar, though it is the closest one to my apartment. Mexican-Arab. They have a little eatery inside which serves kabobs and burritos. They also bake Mexican sweet breads. I was there to get Drano, which they did have, and also picked up a couple of pounds of pistachios on sale for $4.95/lb, and a huge jar of grape leaves for $5.29. They also had sugar-free Halvah. I'll try some tonight, but I don't expect to be thrilled. The SE Asian shelf was only 3 feet wide, yet somehow they decided to stock extract of durian. The produce department was neat and clean and things looked fresh, something of a miracle for a Mexican place. The butcher section took up the whole long wall on one side, and the stuff in the cases looked like it was probably still on the right side of the "sell-by" date.

The place is much cleaner, with wider aisles and neater displays than any of the other Mexican or Arab markets around here. The prices are reasonable.

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