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Am looking for a better smartphone and maybe a better service provider. Motorola Bionic on Verizon has done the following:
1. Turned itself off
2. Locked up. Needed to remove/re-install the battery to recover
3. Powered itself back on as soon as it was powered off
4. Put calls through to voicemail with no record that a call was received, usually when there was a good signal
5. Lost 4G signal and needed a reboot to find it again. This goes hand in hand with:
6. Not stepping down to 3G on loss of 4G

It also takes > 2 minutes to boot up. And I need the extended battery for 8 hours of service.

#3 has been a problem with Verizon and AT&T regardless of the phone (both HTC and Motorola Android & iPhone 3G)

I mostly use the device as a pocket PC, and rarely get texts or phone calls - but when I do they are important and time-sensitive.

Your thoughts, please?
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