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Forgetting 'R' Us

I could have sworn I never had a phone from Sprint, but according to my email file, shortly after moving back to CA from WA in 2000, I bought a Sprint Startac, which was one of, if not the, earliest flip phones. I am too lazy to go over to the file cabinet to see how long I had that. And it doesn't matter.

Thanks to susandennis and several FB and work friends, tonight I slid my cell phone number from Verizon Motorola Bionic to a Sprint EVO 3D 4G. I need 3D like I need another appendix, but the only other EVOs they had were the one with the slide-out keyboard (I loathe those things) and the "Design 4G" which has the same processor as the 3D except single core while 3D has dual core.

The hot spot feature cost $30/month more, so I did not sign up for it. The same plan I had at Verizon is about $10 cheaper at Sprint, plus my CU membership gives me 10% off of that and the phone. After mail-in rebate, which will arrive sometime by the end of the year, the phone was $99 plus tax on the before-rebate price. Yes, with a 2-year contract. And bailing on Verizon is going to cost $300. The math on that was easy - they forgive $10 of that for each month of service, and I'll be paying $20/mo less for service at Sprint.

I loaded the new phone with my favorite Android apps, and swapped the 8Gb SD card for the 32Gb one from the Bionic. The Bionic is still useful - it can do most of its work over wi-fi, it doesn't need a Verizon signal except for phone calls.

I have 14 days to change my mind, so we're in beta now.

Work was a lot of reading today. Three new specs, I got through two of them, but I really need to see the GUI design to write intelligent test cases for them.

Lunch at Starbucks. So much eye candy. High turnover, though, most people only stayed long enough to have a drink or two made. I read more of Scalzi's book.

First things last. Last night featured insomnia at 4:30 am, bad enough to get out of bed and make a glass of chocolate milk. Back to sleep around 6, did the auto-off on the alarm and lights when they came on at 7. It was a not very energetic howeird who showed up at work at 9:45.

I was not woken up by sunshine streaming through the drapes. The RMA curtains arrived yesterday, I took down the first set and put them up and they had indeed weighted the hem and applied blackout liner, which is twice as heavy as the felt thermal liner they had put in by mistake on the first one. This allowed me to notice that the curtain was really two 50" panels sewn together at the center in a not very graceful way. Looking at the original curtain, they had done the same thing.

For what I spent, I am not happy, but it isn't bad enough to return it for a store credit at a store I won't be using anymore.
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