Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much There There

Woke up late again.
Lunch was three eggs on English muffins, since the cast iron skillet was already out.

Called for a massage appointment - landed one for 2 pm for a therapist who works out of her apartment in my complex. She done good. We had a nice chat during.

Domino anecdote de jour. When we moved, both cats stopped using the lamb's wool beds which they spent a lot of time in at the old apartment. I stacked them against a wall by a closet, and piled other stuff on top as time went by. Today I dug one out and thew it onto the sofa. Domino curled right up inside it within seconds.

Met Janice at the late-night Starbucks a little after 5, it was packed, but we eventually found a table. We only had to move three times to get one where we could chat. She told me about her latest failed relationship - after three dates he told her he thought she was ready to hear that he had the power to change the weather. He's also a professional dowser. And he had other powers, like self-healing. Janice wasn't taken aback by these claims, but she objected to his insistence that she take him at his word, without any proof. Apparently he has that psychosis which so many cult leaders have, of insisting on being accepted as a god. He wanted to prove his powers to her at Pantheacon. She'll be out of town that weekend. Whew.

Been watching the Grammys. I liked how they handled the Whitney disaster. There were some great sets, and some losers. Some amazing costumes (Katy Perry, Taylor Swift) and some losers. Lots of noise. Foo Fighters made a lot of noise, but the acceptance speech by Dave Grohl was marvelous. Except he dissed computers for making music, which is like dissing microphones. Yes, music comes from the heart and mind, but any tools you use to make it listenable are valid.

Right up front, the unlikely pair of Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt sang "A Sunday Kind of Love" to honor Etta James. They were both out of their element, but totally nailed it.

I enjoyed the Beach Boys reunion. And the Glenn Campbell appearance. Old showmen still have the spark.

The In Memoriam section got a bit too fast to follow toward the end, with lots of people I've never heard of mixed with people I thought deserved more mention. Of course they ended with Whitney. And then the lights went out and a woman was backlit by a blue spot shot from behind the stage. Stunning effect. It was the most moving rendition of I Will Always Love You ever. A capella, mostly. They did not credit the singer. Boo! Hiss! Bad Gammys producer! ABC News says it was Jennifer Hudson. Yup, that's her. Eventually there will be a video online, but not yet.

They've launched into more noise, and it's bedtime.

Plans for tomorrow:


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