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Bo Ring

Woke up sleepy.

At work I went into the lab to finish testing a document I was re-writing. Got 90% of the way through when the machine (running Red Hat linux) decided one of the font files was corrupted and would not come up with the graphical user interface. Gnome, I think. After trying all the tricks I know without having in installation disk, I had to give up and file a trouble ticket, which may never get looked at, let alone acted upon.

I'm not too upset about that, while I was running the tests it looked like maybe that feature is not in the new product, and the old product is going end of life with this release. The document is an in-house how-to strictly for QA and engineering, customers would have no use for it.

Lunchtime I went to the Mexican-Arab market, got some more sale priced pistachios and a bottle of lime juice. Then checked out all the little eateries and decided on  Sushi Blvd. I got the big tempura plate (should have had the lunch sized one) and it was a lot of food. included salad,  miso soup, rice, edama beans too. Tempura was a little soggy.  Next time I'll go for the Nigiri, expensive as it is. Nice place, quick service, sushi bar plus tables.

Home a little early so I could see an apartment rep about changing my lease to one cat. They have pet rent which is monthly per pet. Also picked up two packages - poster frames for the 20x30 and 12x18 prints I'll be showing at the Contact Conference. Spent about 2 hours mounting the 10 big prints. The smaller prints will be done later - I have 25 candidates for 10 frames, so I'll invite the art show director over to help me choose.

Have I mentioned Smash yet? I think not. Several of my musical theater buddies said it is a must-see. I missed the 2-hour special but Tivoed the 1-hour "pilot". Sans commercials it's about 40 minutes. maybe 8 minutes of that was actual performing (singing, dancing) the rest was Bo Ring. Soap opera stuff. Angst. Oh wait, there was about a minute of really fine and amusing acting by the ingenue who is invited to the director's apartment for a special audition for a part as Marilyn Monroe. That was well done.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thought about going to the skating rink benefit for the local roller derby women's team, but it's 21+, alcohol centric, so no thanks.
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