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Dark Tower 7 Progress Report

I'm about halfway through. I think this is the most tightly-written of all the books. King's early works, especially thrillers (I'm thinking mostly Tommyknockers genre) annoyed me because he would stretch the anticipation waaaaaaaaaaay beyond what was necessary or (to me) entertaining. One could skip pages, sometimes whole chapters, and not miss anything substantive.

Dark Tower 7 is not that way.

King has also learned how to flesh out his characters early, so we understand why they do what they do. My only complaint is he has this thing for describing pus-eating, and other disgusting habits of the bad guys, and I'm mostly reading this book at lunch or in a coffee shop. Try enjoying a mocha while someone in the book is eating a discarded Kleenex. Yuk.

None of the good guys are gay. Hmmm.

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