Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Lots to report from yesterday, but OCD requires I get dressed and to my work place. Long story short:

I am returning the Sprint phone today because I get no 4G signal anywhere, and no phone signal at work and mostly no signal at home. I like the EVO phone mostly, but it is 3D which is useless and they reason I got it is Sprint doesn't have a dual core 2D EVO. I had bought 3rd party extended batteries (50% more juice which fits in the same space as the OEM battery).  Can't return the phone with that in  it. I have a vivid memory of putting the OEM battery in the top drawer of my desk at work.

Last night after the play, I stopped by work, and found the extra battery for the Moto phone, but not the one for the EVO. I came home thinking maybe I had put the EVO battery on the night stand with the charger. But no. It's not in the apartment anywhere I can see.

So, in a few minutes I will be dressed and headed for work p0lace to look again.

Tags: senior moments

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