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My morning so far:
Woke up at 7. Counted on my fingers and decided 5 hours was not enough sleep. Back to sleep. Woke up at 10, lying on  my back, Domino was doing her sphinx imitation on my chest, purring loudly. I petted her, which she usually does not tolerate for more than a minute, but she just stayed there happily. It was time to get up, she didn't take the hint when I rolled to my side, so I lifted her up and off.

Did my morning stuff, checked email, gathered the Sprint phone receipt and wrote the login code on one of those pieces of paper, and went to the work place. Opened the top drawer and started taking things out of it. Stabbed myself on a push pin taking out the insert. Then removed a bag of cough drops. Then the little black kit bag which contains my Hgl measuring stuff. And there was the cell phone OEM battery underneath. Score!

Off to Sprint, who told me I would lose the phone number if I returned the phone without buying a new one. They said if I meant to change carriers, I needed to have them port the number first. For that, they said I needed my account number and secret code.

So back to within a few blocks of work, to AT&T, looked at my paperwork and saw I had left the secret code at home. Bother. Decided to try without it. I picked up an HTC Vivid, which is basically the EVO 3D without the 3D but with a better 2D camera, front and back. They did not need the secret code, just my Sprint account number & SS#. Unlike Sprint, they had someone at the door taking names and putting them in the queue, which was on a display on the back wall. I was paired with a rep in 5 minutes. She did a good job, no wasted time, but enough info. I had asked about Motorola phones -- they didn't have any! But she said they had a generous discount for Motorola employees. I told her about the impending Google deal and she said Google probably has an even better discount.

Back to Sprint, got the phone returned and refunded. They will still charge me for service for the 10 days I had it, the bastards.

Hung out in the Starbucks at the other end of the plaza, and got a notice on the phone that all my apps from the EVO had been restored to the new phone. They were, but I still had to log into the ones which needed it, and set up my email app. The gmail account is linked to the phone's gmail app, but I had to manually add the howeird.com accounts to Kmail. And sign in to FB, twitter, foresquare, etc.

And they have to all be brought onto the home pages, at least the ones I use a lot. That's about half done. One of the perks of AT&T is automatic free linking to their wi-fi hot spots, which includes Starbucks - no browser hoop to jump through.

That done as much as i wanted to do, I fired up the netbook, and had it update anti-virus and windows  while I wrote a review of last night's theater.

I guess I owe a note about yesterday's morning adventure, which was the first LUNAR rocket launch of the year at NASA Ames. Click on the photo to see the set. About 500 pix, I'll pare it down later into a set with just rockets.

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