Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's Tuesday, And I'm Fat. BFD.

I think my dreams of being in Rio for Carnival (aka bubble butt heaven) are not going to happen unless I win a couple of lotteries. I have been in NOLA twice for the week before Halloween, which is a lot of fun because the merchants are hungry, and you can buy masks and beads and stuff at bargain prices. Bourbon Street is still a trip, but it is a lot easier to get a good view.

Today somehow I forgot to do the project I was doing before the bug fix issue came along. Boss reminded me it was due yesterday, which is a joke because we only got the software Wednesday. I wrote all the test cases, but need to fill in step-by-step designs and references to the specs. Tomorrow. If I can get a connection I'll work from home.

Went to the denture clinic at 1, short wait, the doctor did some grinding, it took maybe 5 minutes. Had lunch at the crema coffee cafe, which was replete with local bubble butts. The help was kind of slow and disconnected, and they were out of the good lunches so I had to settle for a turkey/havarti panini. WTF is panini? It tastes like a sponge coated with flour. Gag me. They had excellent, fresh chocolate cake which made up for it. And Moroccan Mint iced tea.

After lunch I had an hour left, so I went to a dive which had been mostly closed for renovations last year. They were supposed to re-do the back room in a month, it took 6 months. It was heartbreaking - what had been a place which was tolerable has been made into rat hole I will never go to again. What they did was turn the back room into a series of semi-private rooms with beaded curtains. Inside the rooms they use the full-wall mirror trick to try to make the room look bigger, but I found myself at one point blocking my own way because there was not enough light to see I was looking at a wall, not a hallway.

I only stayed for 10 minutes, which was okay since it meant getting on the freeway back to work before the 3 pm diamond lane change.
Went to Safeway to get the things the Mexican-Arab market doesn't carry. Light blue cheese dressing, dijon & horseradish-spiked mustards, Arm & Hammer detergent, large squeeze bottle of Hershey's syrup, dill seeds, donettes, mint oreos. On my way out of the store I was accosted by a little girl selling cookies. Girl Scout Cookies. They are on my Occupy shopping list. She had thin mints! For the first time in decades I bought a box.

It was only fitting to have the first ones with tea. Flowering jasmine tea from Communist China.

Dinner was the second of three portions from Sunday's KFC run. Domino was very impolite about insisting on her share.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, maybe from home in the morning and in person in the afternoon.
Tags: cats, politics, shopping, work

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