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Work this morning was all paperwork, so I worked from home. Remote desktopped to my office PC, response times were the same as being there (when you have enough bandwidth for HD video at home and at work, it's possible). My first order of business was to get the latest revs of the specs I was working on, so I may as well sync all of them, which took about 40 minutes. Time which I used to steam clean a half dozen of Domino's latest gifts, and all the high traffic areas. I am so glad I bought the heavy duty rotary brush machine. Before I started I needed to empty the dirty water tank. Peee-uuuw! I'll be emptying after each use from now on. That was noxious.

Domino tried to hide, but she kept ducking into the next room I was heading for.

Got all my test cases entered into the system, and it was a PIA cutting and pasting the same document names and rev numbers a dozen times. The good news is I was able to provide step by step instructions for each test case, something which most of our TCs lack. The bad news is I had to provide step by step instructions for each test case....

Finished after noon, was in the office a little after 1. Boss had made some suggestions for more test cases, but it ended up only being three more, on account of he didn't understand what a kludge the feature was. But two of them were really tedious because they involved setting up 3rd party software on the PC which we normally don't support.

No lunch. But I had a cooler with snacks. Can someone tell my why Girl Scout thin mint cookies disappear from the package in minutes, leaving no recollection of having been eaten?

Much of the afternoon was spent reading the specs for another feature for which I am assigned to write test cases. The internal specs were not very clear about how it actually worked, but they referred to a tech note from the European digital video standards organization. I found that online, downloaded it, and by golly our internal spec had been 99% cut and pasted from it. :-(

It did give me the clue I was looking for - that we can't really test the feature because it requires putting a password into someone else's video stream on the other side of a satellite feed. I think. I will have to talk to the boss, but there's no rush because the project doesn't start till the end of March.

Surgical shopping after work: Petco with a 10% off everything coupon, bought a tall hemp/sisal scratching post to replace one Domino has ripped apart, and some safe-for-cats milk. 99 chicken because it's next door, and there is only one serving of KFC left in the fridge. Shell for gas, but they did not accept my supermarket gas card (10cents/gal off) and they wanted $4.15/gal. On to Costco, $3.86/gal. Outrageous. Thanks, Mr. Obama.

And then inside Costco to pick up a 20x30 and a 12x18 of a montage I made of a rocket "drag race". Got those home and the small one was fine but the big one was too dark to see. Costco did this to me on my 2011 calendars, and claimed it was my originals, which it wasn't. I returned that order, which cost them about $300. This time I have the proof, and will get my reprint. Or else.

Fry's, to see if they had Kenwood in-dash GPS/DVD/CD/Radio units. I had tried one from 12/2010-5/2011 and while I loved almost everything about it, I did not love how it would randomly reboot itself. I figured they would have ironed that out for the next model year. They have shunted their car audio to the far corner of the store, nobody is minding the section, and they don't seem to be selling that kind of unit anymore.

Home. As soon as I put it down, Domino attacked the scratching post. Win! I reheated the last batch of KFC for dinner after munching some celery stalks dipped in blue cheese dressing. Domino ate maybe 5% of the chicken. Watched Smash on Tivo while I ate. About halfway through, when Miss Broadway launched into a country western song, I stopped it, deleted it and removed the season pass. There had been no music up to that point, the soap operas continued to be trite and cliché, Anjelica kept throwing drinks into the face of her soon-to-be-ex, who continues to be unconvincingly in love with her. And her face failed to fall off. I'm done with this show. It is not worse than Glee, but only because it is less - far less - in your face.

So, went online, found a refurbished later Kenwood unit for about 60% of retail, and placed an order. The challenge will be to find a place to install it. Maybe the Best Buy in Sunnyvale will do a better job than the one in Mountain View.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. No idea what I'll work on though. Maybe back-filling the test cases which don't have step by steps.
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